40th Annual Awards Banquet& Fundraiser With Auctioneer Rohn Nelson

Guest Speaker Lincoln Tapp

Lincoln Tapp - YoungWildLincoln showed an interest in animals and a love for nature from the time he could walk and talk. Now, he’s a young teen with a big vision of becoming the youngest archer to harvest all 29 species of North American big game.

He’s overcome school and social challenges, and is on a mission to inspire others who share his story.

At age 12, Lincoln became the youngest known archer to harvest the Stone Sheep. At age 14, Lincoln became the youngest archer to harvest the Super 10 of North American Big Game. Also at the age of 14, Lincoln completed his archery Grand Slam/FNAWS, which is the harvest of all four North American wild sheep. Lincoln is well on his way to becoming the youngest archer to harvest all 29 species of North American Big Game, with 22 of the 29 harvested at his current age of 16.

Lincoln’s passion, journey and effort to involve future generations in the outdoors he loves so dearly is documented in a television series titled “YoungWild”, currently airing on the Outdoor Channel.

YoungWild with Lincoln Tapp (2015)

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To Foster, Promote and Perpetuate the sport of hunting with the bow and arrow.

To Cooperate with all conservation and archery organizations in securing and maintaining better hunter privilege and conditions for all bowhunters in the State of Alaska.

To Practice the wise use of our natural resources, the conservation of our wild game and the conservation of the natural habitat thereof.