Big Game Certificates of Achievement and Curt Lynn Arrowhead Awards

In the 1970’s, Curt Lynn was a Senior Member of Pope & Young, and President of the ABA, as well as a personal friend of Fred Bear. At some point in the 80’s, Curt Lynn designed and made the first Arrowhead Award.

Below you will find a link to this year’s annual ABA big game survey and questionnaire. This survey serves several purposes.
First, it provides the information we need for Curt Lynn Arrowhead Awards that are presented at your banquet. If you wish to receive an Arrowhead, you must fill out a survey and submit it by February 10, 2018.

Please take a few minutes to fill out the survey and send it in, whether you hunted or not. Your information and comments are all valuable to the ABA. Information from this survey is used to prepare supporting documentation for proposals to determine if hunting regulations need to be changed.

The ABA has been using this information for many years. It has been very useful when presenting information or defending proposals before local Fish and Game advisory committees and the Board of Game. Another part of this survey is designed to give the ABA board of directors some guidance on current issues and to let them know if you want them to do anything different in the future.

If you took a big game animal with a bow and arrow in Alaska in 2016, you are eligible for the Honorable Mention Arrowhead Award. All animals eligible for the Fred Bear Award must be officially scored. This can be done by either of two methods:

  1.  Submit a copy of an official score sheet or a copy of the trophy certificate from Pope and Young. All scoring must be done using Pope and Young standards. Only score sheets signed by an official scorer from Pope and Young or Boone and
    Crockett will be accepted.
  2. Submit your Arrowhead Award Form without an official score sheet. You will be awarded an Honorable Mention Arrowhead Award.

Again, we need the survey’s no later than February 10, 2018.

2017 Big Game Certificates of Achievement and Curt Lynn Arrowhead Awards Form