Bob and Lisa Ameen

Alaskan Bowhunters Mat Su Valley Directors

Bob and Lisa Ameen – Mat Su Valley Directors - ABAMy name is Bob Ameen. My wife Lisa and I are your new Mat-Su Directors for the ABA. We have called Alaska home since June of 1981. I was born and raised in Marquette, Michigan, so yes I’m a displaced Yooper. Lisa wasn’t born a Yooper, but she fit right in when she moved there from Montana during high school. I guess that might have been because both her parents were Yoopers. We met in college at Northern Michigan University, more precisely, at Andy’s Bar Thursday night Peanut Night. It was a good place to meet scholarly young women like Lisa.

We are both now proud members of the community of citizens known as Valley Trash and nationally of a group of deplorable citizens who believe in personal responsibility, freedom and small government. There is probably some connection between those titles and libertarian concepts.

I began bow hunting big game at the age of 12 in 1967 and killed my first big game with a bow when I was 14. It was a whitetail doe. Since moving to Alaska, I’ve become a life member of the ABA, Senior Member of the Pope and Young Club, member of the Fred Bear Society of the Pope and Young Club, member of the admissions committee of the Pope and Young Club and just recently an official measurer for the Pope and Young Club. Although I haven’t hunted with a firearm for over 30 years, I’m a life member of the National Rifle Association and a strident supporter of the 2nd amendment.

My first attempt at getting Lisa into Bowhunting was back in Upper Michigan during the 1970’s. That really didn’t go so well. The second try, here in Alaska, has taken hold and her Bowhunting roots have grown deep. Lisa says something about wanting to spend more time with her husband, but I think that’s secondary relative to wanting to always shoot one bigger than her husband shot. Lisa has taken seven different species of big game and has entered ten into the Pope and Young records program. She is an ABA member, Lifetime General Member of the Pope and Young Club and an official measurer for the club.

I’ve been lucky to have hunted pretty much all over the United States, a few times in Mexico, and a few times in Canada. I’ve taken somewhere around 140 to 150 animals that qualify for and have been entered into the records program of the Pope and Young Club. My recollection is that the total includes somewhere around 23 species including all of the species here in Alaska.

Having been a real estate appraiser for the past 35 plus years, I’ve been fortunate to come across a few deals on several pieces of remote real estate over the years. Four of those pieces of real estate, I’ve developed into Bowhunting cabin destinations for Lisa and me. That said I have had some degree of trouble getting Lisa to visit Kodiak and Unalakleet. Something about big brown furry animals at those two cabin destinations she’s not so anxious to meet.

Lisa and I hope to represent the ABA and all bow hunters to protect our right to bow hunt, expand bow hunting opportunities, and recruit new hunters into our bowhunting ranks. As far as personal goals go, in my old age, I want to try and continue to be able to make it to the top of the hills where some of my quarry lives. I also want to continue to provide Frank Noska some degree of motivation to keep harvesting so many doggone animals. Not that Frank needs too much motivation though.

~ Bob & Lisa