Kodiak Director

Alaskan Bowhunters Director Janissa Johnson
Born and raised in Larsen Bay, a rural village on the Southwest end of Kodiak Island, Alaska. I graduated from Mt. Edgecumbe High School in 2003 and went on to graduate with an MBA in Management from UAS in 2012.

After an intense 9 years working for Alaska Native Corporations in a PR/Communications capacity, I decided I wanted a more simple lifestyle. I quit my job and went back to Larsen Bay to go commercial fishing with my Dad in the spring of 2014. That summer, the effects of increasing sea otter population were clear; our clam beds were cleaned out, sea urchins were decimated, and even the octopus population was rapidly declining.

My parents didn’t hunt, so it’s something I wasn’t exposed to while growing up. However, that summer I began hunting sea otters and sewing with the beautiful pelts and launched a business to sell the products; Kodiak Fur Serious. That same Fall I decided to start taking advantage of all the fresh game running around. I shot my first blacktail, field dressed it (after resorting to some Google searches), let the meat hang, and later processed the meat myself. I was hooked! Now I hunt blacktail regularly and want to move onto bigger game in the near future.

I currently reside in Larsen Bay from May into October while operating the commercial setnet sites my Dad left to me and my Mom, after passing away in February of 2015, and I spend the remainder of the year in Anchorage.

Although my experience with bows is limited and from a very young age, I would love to expand into bowhunting. More importantly, I have a vested interest in the hunting community. Being a part of the Alaskan Bowhunters Association is such an honor and I look forward to meeting fellow hunters!

~ Janissa Johnson