Marlin Dubetz

Past President

Marlin Dubetz lrg

I grew up in Pennsylvania, graduating from Penn State in 1977, and immediately entered the US Army as a Second Lieutenant. I remained in the Army for 20 years and had the privilege to command several helicopter companies and flew uh-ih, oh-58 and ch-47. I presently own an M7 Maule on floats and enjoy flying to various hunting and fishing spots throughout Alaska.

My passion for hunting started at the age of 10 when my Dad would take me hunting squirrel and rabbits with a .22 caliber At 12 I started hunting deer and turkeys and my passion for the hunting and the outdoors continued to grow. I bow hunted in my early 20’s but it wasn’t until 2004 living here in Alaska, that I concentrated on learning as much as I could about bow hunting.

For the past 14 years, I have been very fortunate to bow hunt Africa and all around the US chasing deer, turkeys, elk, bison, and all the big game that Alaska has to offer. I was able to accomplish my goal of completing the Bow Grand Slam of turkeys in 2012 and enjoy hunting different states and chasing large whitetails in the mid west.

To further my education in Archery, I got certified as a NASP instructor and HIT instructor with Alaska Fish and Game for Bow Hunting certification. I believe archery is a skill that anyone can develop and teaching NASP has convinced me of the importance this sport has for the self esteem of so many people. I served as President of the ABA from Mar 2015- Feb 2018. I will have the pleasure of serving on the ABA Board for the next two years.