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"To foster and perpetuate fair chase hunting with the bow and arrow"

History Of Alaskan Bowhunters

“To foster and perpetuate fair chase hunting with the bow and arrow”

In 1970, several Alaskan bowhunters gathered to form an organization to represent all bowhunters in Alaska. In 1971, the Alaskan Bowhunters Association, Inc. (ABA) was officially registered with the state as a nonprofit corporation. Dave Letzring appears as the first registerer on the incorporation papers. Dennis Smythe appears as the registerer after 1978.

The ABA was intended to represent all bowhunters who hunt in Alaska with more influence than single regional clubs while not interfering or competing with these other clubs. During the ABA’s 30-year history it has, for the most part, achieved this goal.

This official “Purpose and Policy” statement of the ABA has changed several times since the club’s inception. In 1971, it was:

The purpose of this association shall be:

To foster, promote and perpetuate the sport of hunting with the bow and arrow.

To cooperate with all conservation and archery organizations in securing and maintaining better hunting privileges and conditions for the bowhunters in the state of Alaska.

The main incentives of the Alaskan Bowhunters Association are:

  1. To get special bowhunting seasons and areas in the state of Alaska for the bowhunters.
  2. To protect the right to bowhunt.
  3. To fight any and all anit-bowhunting movements in the state.

The policy of this association shall be:

  1. To unite the bowhunters of Alaska.
  2. To build a strong public relations and legislative organization for bowhunting in Alaska.
  3. To work with and help build the bowhunting membership of the Alaskan State Archery Association.
  4. To put out a bowhunting newsletter.
  5. To hold one annual competitive broadhead shoot, (Bowhunters Rendezvous) where only legal hunting equipment shall be used.
  6. To hold one annual meeting for the election of officers. At this meeting, awards will be given out for big game taken.

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