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Jack Frost


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Raised in Pennsylvania, I made my first bow kill in 1952 at age 7. I have been hunting with and shooting a bow ever since but became truly addicted in the late 70s. I have hunted big game exclusively with a bow since 1980.

I am a retired orthopedic surgeon, who practiced in Anchorage from 1973 until 2018. I have taken at least one of every big game species in North America (29) with a bow. At least one of each of the 29 species is recorded in the Pope and Young record book. I have bowhunted internationally many times.

I am a director of the National Bowhunting Education Foundation and a master instructor of the IBEP course in Alaska. I have served on the Board of Directors of the Pope and Young Club and Scholastic 3D Archery. Legislative Vice-president of The Alaskan Bowhunters Association is an appointed position. As I recall, I was first appointed by Carl Brent about 1998, so I have been serving in this capacity for 20 years.

My goal has been to increase bowhunting opportunities and reduce or minimize unnecessary regulations. I welcome your input.
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