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Rampages Volumes 1-3 by Lew Bradley

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3 Volume Set Collector’s Edition in Hardcover Slipcase Culmination of 11 year’s of research and interviews History of Alaska Dall sheep hunting 1914-2018 98 Sheep hunter profiles/stories 1800+ pages – Equivalent to 6 normal sheep books 1289 Color photos 600+ Sheep photos 200+ 40” rams 82 B&C rams 10 of the Top 15 B&C Dall rams and major profiles: Harry Swank, Cook, Lentfer, Sheets, Oney, Summar, Effler, Lyons, Nelson, and Harrower. 14 Photos of the #1 World Record Swank Ram hunt never before released taken in 1961 95 Charts, graphs, tables, and maps 80 Illustrations & cartoons 14 Rams over 40” 57 Poems 65 Pages of harvest statistics Excellent quality slip cover 3 book binder with the #1 Dall Sheep World Record Swank Ram in the clouds over the Wrangel Mountain Range in Alaska
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