Alaskan Bowhunters
Association, Inc.

"To foster and perpetuate fair chase hunting with the bow and arrow"

Alaskan Bowhunter Directors

Trevor Embry


My name is Trevor Embry, Life Member of Alaska Bowhunters Association, and official measurer for Pope and Young Club. I was born and raised in Bowling Green, Kentucky before moving North to follow my dreams to Alaska. I currently reside in Eagle River. I’ve always claimed to be a Pharmacist by...

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Alex Hedman

Vice President

I have 20+ years of military leadership and service to our nation and community. I love to work effectively on a team. Avid outdoorsman. Current VP of Traditional Archers of Alaska, and member of several local archery and national bowhunting organizations. I have a passion for...
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Zach Welch


I was born and raised in Nebraska and began bowhunting at a young age thanks to my dad who got me started early. Since then I have had the opportunity to hunt in many states, but fell head over heels for Alaska when I visited in the fall of 2021. I graduated physical therapy school the following spring...

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Mike Harris

Mike Harris

Legislative V.P.

I started chasing critters with a bow at age 5 or 6, pretty much as soon as I figured out how to make a bow out of a tree limb and strand of bailing twine. I spent most of my life in the lower 48 (Idaho, Oregon and Montana) and always dreamed of hunting the Last Frontier. Stories of Howard Hill, Fred Bear, Glenn Saint Charles, and Jay Massey fueled my desire to make... 

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Herb Mansavage

Marketing Director

My name is Herb Mansavage and I am 29 years old. I was born in Marshfield, WI but my parents moved back to Alaska months after my birth and I have lived in Alaska since. I graduated Wasilla High school in 2008, earned my Associates of Applied Science in Process Technology in 2011 and a Bachelors of Science in Technology in 2015, both from University of Alaska...

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